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JSQX3-126 Gas Insulated Electromagnetic Voltage

Type: JSQX3-126
Detailed Product Description:
The JSQX3-126 provides the service for the 72.5~126KV three-phase coenosarc metal seal combined electric appliances, is the
metal seal combines the electric appliance the key element. This product satisfies national standards GB1208 and the IEC185.
The JDQX3-126: 72.5kV~126kV 삼상(메탈외함)
GB1208과 IEC185규격

Technical specifications:
1) Rated primary voltage: 110/√3kV
1차전압: 110/√3kV
2) Rated frequency: 50~60Hz
주파수: 50~60Hz
3) Rated insulation level: 126/230/550KV
절연레벨: 126/230/550KV
4) PD level: <5pC
부분방전레벨: <5pC
5) Insulation dielectric: SF6 gas
절연매체: SF6 gas
6) Rated gas pressure: 0.4Mpa
가스 압력: 0.4Mpa
7) Lowest gas movement pressure: 0.35Mpa
최저 가스 유동압력: 0.35Mpa
8) Gas leakage rate: <0.5%(one year)
가스 누수율: <0.5%(one year)
9) The water content of gas: <150ppm
수분 함유: <150ppm