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72.5~550KVGIS Used Current Transformer

Type:72.5~550KVGIS Used Current Transformer
Detailed Product Description:
The product provides the service for the 72.5~550KVGIS metal seal combined electric appliances.
72.5kV~550kV까지 메탈도장으로 결합.

Technical specifications:

1) Rated primary current: 100~4000A
1차 전류: 100~4000A
2) Rated secondary current: 1、5A
2차 전류: 1, 5A
3) Rated load: 10~50VA
부하율: 10~50VA
4) Instrument safety factor: 5、10
계기 안정성 지수: 5, 10
5) Accruacy limit factor: 5~40
정밀지수: 5~40
6) Accruacy: According to the needs of clients
정밀도: 고객의 요구에 대응